Day Nursery and Pre-School Services

Little Jo's Nursery and Pre-School Services


We are passionate about providing high quality care and education for children. We have highly qualified and motivated staff who have a wealth of experience dedicated to each age group. We are highly focused on child development and early education ensuring that children are well prepared for school and their future learning. We encourage children to make choices, to be kind, honest, polite, independent and successful members of nursery and the wider community.

Nursery Sessions are offered as follows:

Full day - 7.30 am to 6.00 pm             
This includes breakfast, snack, lunch & Tea.

Morning session - 7.30 am to 1pm / 8.00am to 1pm
This includes breakfast, snack and lunch.

Afternoon sessions - 1pm to 6pm.
This includes a snack and tea.



-Funding for 2 and 3 year olds      

We offer the 15 hours free childcare to eligible 2 and 3 year olds and also the 30 hours for those eligible. These hours can be offered term time or spread over the year, please contact the nursery for details.

We aim to ensure that the care, activities and experiences provided:

  • Are enjoyable and fun for the children
  • Are accessible to all children, including those with special educational needs
  • Promotes the children’s emotional health and well-being
  • Appropriately responds to the children’s needs
  • Promotes the children’s independence and self-help skills
  • Meets the individual learning needs of all children
  • Provides the children with challenging and rewarding activities and experiences
  • Include individualised learning opportunities for each child
  • Are appropriate for the children’s age/stage of development
  • Builds on the children’s own interests and experiences
  • Promotes all areas of development and learning
  • Ensure a balance of activities and experiences across all areas of learning and development which are planned and informed by the use of our ongoing observations and assessment of each child
  • Uses every day routines and experiences as learning opportunities
  • Encourages the children to become active, confident and independent learners
  • Prepares children for the next stage of their learning and development.